Honoring Love, Unity, and Equality

Lauri Carleton Memorial Fund

Our Mission

“We  will create an all inclusive , safe  community for everyone. Our goal is to raise funds to create a LGBTQ+ Center for resources, recreation, learning, counseling and healthcare. Our building will be available to anyone that needs it.”

– Lake Arrowhead LGBTQ+, Inc.

Our Staff & Volunteers

Wesley  Lynn (Founder & Director): @wes_lynn77

Matthew Clevenger (Asst. Director): @mattyclevengerrealtor

Ravyn Moon (Secretary, Asst. Event Planner): @whichwitchisravyn

Charles Martin (CFO): @charlesmartinbrokerca

Tim Dres (Asst. CFO, Event Planner)

Melissa Post (Events): @melissadeliapost

Our History

Our very first event began in 2020.  Our goal was to meet other LGBTQ+ and to find a safe gathering space. Our first meet up was so successful we decided to form an LGBTQ+ Boat Parade. The amount of people and the support from the community was incredible, so we decided to make it annual event. Our second boat parade in 2021 was even more successful. The joy from the parents and kids was overwhelming and inspired us to form a nonprofit.